Grygon (grygon) wrote in human_vultures,

Cleaning bones tutorial part 1

I have finally gotten around to publishing a comprehensive tutorial of all the methods I have researched and all of the methods that I use for cleaning bones. Part one deals with getting the meat off:

Part 2 to come.

Also humorous story:
so I heard of a local taxidermist who just dumps all of the skulls into his dumpster. The business next door is a friend of a friend and so word got around to me. Dumpster diving, I thought. Then: well, maybe just ask the guy? Some people like to support artists. That's how I've gotten huge elk sheds for $20 each in the past! So I call him and he's like "sure, I can start keeping them for you just come on down and we'll exchange info."

So I went on down the next day and he starts quoting prices at me that you'd only pay for finished skulls. And when I asked if he cleaned them he said it would be cheaper if I did it myself, but that sure he could "boil them in some bleach."

So I passed. And might be dumpster diving there once he never sees me again and can't seem to sell those skulls so decides to toss them afterall. :)
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