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Scratches and Dents

This may be of some interest to folks here. I saw an article on the Houston news a few days ago about Salvage Grocery Stores, also known as "Scratch and Dent" stores. Foods and items that cannot be sold at regular grocery stores because they were dented, scratched, label torn, close to expiration date or surplus inventory are sold to scratch & dent stores to be sold for cheap. There's nothing wrong with these items except for a little damaged packaging.

Sounds awesome to me- we get things for cheap and perfectly good merchandise doesn't end up in the trash. Go salvaging! Now I just wish there were stores like this close to where I live!

Link to Houston article.
Decent list of most salvage stores by state- Think I should put this on the profile page with the other helpful links? (Like goodwill is?)

Also, something I found hilarious. I love the website it makes the vulture in me squee with happiness at the interesting reuse/fixes there and laugh my ass off at the insane and terrible kludges and rigs. But this one made me giggle because it was just so fitting here:

Now All We Need Is Some Bird Seed Bait- Favorite comment: Fixer “Stripperella” says, “It’s a humane trap for dumpster divers who are then captured, tagged and released unharmed in another city.”
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