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Something some of you might find useful: SwapTree

Basically, you trade media...books, movies, games, etc. Everything's a one-for-one trade. You do have to pay shipping, which sucks, but in the long run it's probably cheaper to ship out five books and get five new books and pay ten bucks shipping than take five books and ten bucks to Half-Price and get maybe two or three books. Both are useful, just in different ways.

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My boyfriend, best friend, and I have been on a dumpster diving spree as of late. We've mostly been finding clothing and household accessories such as decorations and pots and pans.

Friday night, we found bags upon bags of clothes which was awesome because it is all going to our free market this Saturday. Last night, however, I was astonished at the things that we found:

-a practically new copy machine (instructions and everything!)
-a tiny little portable television
-a small tv
-a perfectly good white plastic high chair
-a waffle iron
-a 5 disc CD player
-more clothes, as usual
-a computer desk chair
-some milk crates
-an easter basket
-some sea shell shower curtain hooks
-a baby hamper
-a tin with puppies on it

There is more- I just really can't remember it all right now.

Our basement is seriously a sea of dumpster finds. All of which we are putting out at the free market on Saturday. We're hoping for a good turnout!
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This post is partially because I want to gloat about scoring a like-new carrier for the cats on Craigslist...free. Although the cats are convinced it's really a kitty clubhouse. It's apparently really fun to slap other people through the holes in the door.

This got me thinking about something else though. I periodically cull my possessions. Said ex-possessions usually end up going to Goodwill. It's easy and convenient. But it's also horribly impersonal. Not to mention it throws in an unnecessary middleman. Sure, it's easier, and safer, to just hit up the thrift shops if you're looking for something. But there's something just *fun* about meeting the former owner in person. It's even more fun to give something you find useless to someone who finds it useful. A human element missing in thrift shops.

Anyone have any other thoughts?
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Yesterday, I went dumpstering at AC Moore and found an entire box filled with random craft stuff. Score on that! While Food Lion and Weis both had nothing but rotten fruit and various other disappointments, I made my way over to Goodwill and found that the dumpsters were filled with perfectly good items (as usual).

This makes me really sad. With all of the homeless people out there and families who can't afford to clothe their children or selves, this stuff is still being thrown away. Not everything could fit in my car which is why I really, really need to get a van. I found insane numbers of trash bags filled with perfectly good clothing and shoes, a little pink baby bathtub, candles, little decorations and vases, etc, etc, etc. We are going back tonight and tomorrow and the next day up until our really, really free market that we are having on our front lawn. The little pink bathtub I found will go to the battered women's shelter around here. Otherwise, anything we don't get rid of at the really, really free market will go to every homeless shelter around. Just because Goodwill has too much of it or doesn't think they can make a profit off of it, doesn't mean it should go to the landfills.

I guess I should feel semi-okay about the fact that I know I'm taking care of at least one town.

Anyone else ever thought about having a really, really free market? We've been to a bunch where you just drop off anything you don't want (another person's trash is another person's treasure) and then you can pick up anything you DO want. Pretty simple.

We're going to make crockpots of vegan chili as well and flyer the crap out of Hanover so that everyone knows about it and we'll especially hit up the soup kitchen so the homeless people come out because we have a plethora of coats and socks and shoes and hats to give out. We're finding more backpacks as the school year ends too, I'm sure those could be useful.

fur scraps and feathers!

i just received a random assortment of fur pieces, dyed and natural, tails, and feathers from a friend of mine.  he used to make fishing lures with all this stuff, but over time he forgot about it and just wanted to get rid of it :-p  i figured some people on here might be interested in making lures, or would be able to use some of these things for their own crafts. here is a list of what i have right now, and i will post pictures in a bit when i find my camera =]

-dyed and natural  deer fur pieces, tails, and belly pieces, random fur squares - tails and belly pieces are salted NOT tanned
- dyed and natural squirrel tails, bone in
- all sorts of feathers and bird neck/chest pieces
- rabbit faces - salted NOT tanned
-random colored fibers.. looks like fake fur/wig hair almost

there is a ton of things in the box, but most of them are in those categories.. im going to work on organizing the box and taking some pictures in a bit.. everything i have is for sale!

heres a link, i posted everything to the fur hide and bone journal group