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human_vultures's Journal

ScavengerS- The Human Vulture
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Scavenging and beyond
This is a community for all scavengers. From dumpster dives to roadkill, from found objects to found bones we're all about reusing, recycling, and reclaiming. Post what you've found, what you found interesting, tips, ideas, or wishes. Show us what you found or show us what you reclaimed, reused and refurbished and all the crafty stuff you do with your scavenging. If you found it and/or fixed it up, great! Have fun and Show us! We also don't mind questions and those looking for advise either.

1) If its an image intensive post or a very lengthy post, please put it under a cut so as not to flood someones journal.
2) Please respect others. This shouldn't be an issue this sort of community but no racism, sexism, sizeism, homophobia, religious intolerance, etc, etc. This will also not endear you to the mod either.
3) Respect and know the laws of your area. Some places scavenging and dumpster diving is illegal. Your actions are your responsibility and H_V doesn't advocate illegal actions.
4) If your post includes graphic images or details (ex: dead things, road kill, etc.) kindly put it behind a cut for scavengers that don't want to see it or that may be at work.
5) If it's deceased please have respect for it. It was once living and deserves respect in both life and death.

Useful links

Scavenging in general:
Swaptree (Media- books, tapes, etc.)
ILoveSchools.com Donor Board (School supplies)

Scavenging dead things:
Scavenging bones/roadkill
Feathers-Cleaning to use (incomplete)

Legal Status of Dumpster Diving (via Wikipedia)